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Shatavari Cultivation

Shatavari cultivation gives production up to 20 to 25 years in less amount and it gives first production in first 10 months. Asparagus is have huge demand in Ayurveda. Asparagus is useful for children’s, old once and malnourished children that’s why it called “Narayani” in spirituality. Many years ago sages take asparagus daily that’s why their skin look glowing and healthy. It helps them for meditation and concentration. Now a days it useful; in some medicine, oils therefore it useful for us.

If we cultivate is once then we take its production for next 20 to 25s Asparagus live at dormant stage in underground for 2 years in drought, unbalanced of nature and scarity of water. When asparagus get rain or water then again it grows.

Shatavari cultivation process :

  • Soil Land : Generally the crop prefers lateritic red loamy soils with adequate drainage it can grow in rocky soils also. Asparagus grows in drought area, heavy rainfall area, and medium rainfall area.
  • Cultivation : Plantation of asparagus must be in 4*3 feet and distance between two lines must be 4 feet and between 2 plants it must be 3 feet if we planting like this then we can take of 3500 plants in per acer. We have to take straights pits for planting of asparagus. For one plant we need 1kg of compost, vermipost, gavrankhat, lendikhat, 100gm lomboli pend, 200gm musalikhat, 22gm fungicide mix it well aand put in pit after that put soil on pit up to 4 inch for support we have stick. Asparagus is a strong plant that’s why it have very less quantity of pits.


Production : From planting in first 10 months it gives 5 to 10 kg roots but when we start harvesting then we can harvest first half part in 6 months and then remaining half part in next 6 months because of that we can take continue financial compensation. Production chart and financial compensation.
5 x 7ft = 1250 plant/ Acre
Production from 1 plant an average 10kg
1250 x 10 = 12500 kg, Market price fpr 1 kg is 30 rs
In 1 Acre 12500 x 30 = 375000, Twice in a year

If we dried 100kg asparagus then we get 34 kg product.
Dried asparagus market value is 300 to 500rs per I kg.
Therefore, 2125*300=6,37,500rs twice in year.
Asparagus seed production starts from 3 rd year.
Every plant give 100gm seed, therefore,1250*100=125kg seeds.
Market value of seed is 1500rs per kg,
125*1500=1,87,500 per year and for per month is 15,625rs.

Production abstract : Wet roots per month=52,083rs Dry roots per month =1,06,250rs Seeds per month = 15,625 Total = 1,73,958

Specifications : Once we cultivate it we can take production for next 25 years. No pets. If we process asparagus we can can take 10 times more production like shatavari kalp, powder, oil, lotion. It is useful in beauty products. We can sell it in solid form. It is useful in bakery product like chocolate, pickles, souse.

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