Sandalwood Cultivation

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Sandalwood Cultivation

Sandalwood cultivation process:
Land \soil : Sandalwood tress can be grown on rocky mountain, and any well drained soil having good organic matter. However red sandy loan soils are best for their growth and yield. If you are planning for commercial cultivation of sandalwood it is advised to go for soil test. For sandalwood cultivation pH of soil must be between 6.5 to 7.5.

Climate : Sandalwood crop requires and grows well in hot and humid climate conditions. The idol temperature for sandalwood tree growth is between 120 and 350 in medium rainfall sandalwood grows well.

Pets : Sandalwood is a strong tree. Therefore there is less amount of pets for sandalwood.

Cultivation :

  • Cultivation is depend on land and sunlight. In low pH sandalwood is not develop so we have to take more plantation in that area. The pit size must be 45*45*45cm. with 12*12cm. distance. We can take 302 plants in 1 acer.
  • This kind of planting appropriate for farmer. Because improved organic fertilizer to give at roots of plant done by 24 carat orgo india. Our tactics and experience of 20 to 25 years in sandalwood cultivation is helpful and good guide for farmers. With that guidance you can get premium golden production. We can also told about how to take intercropping in 6 months. In this way your pocket is always full of money.

Production : Government gives permission for sandalwood planting. If we process sandalwood then we can get 10 times more money from it. Government provide labs, agricultural university, for give all techniquesof sandalwood plantation for villagers. Government banks provide loan facility for sandalwood cultivation. Thus we can get production as per follow.

1 acer plants are 302, all productional plants are 290.
Every plant gives 15 to 25 kh chandan = 20kg*290plants
Market value of aromatic core is 6000*5800kg=3,48,00,000/-
All costs in 12 months is 5,10,000+land and basic facility cost is 18,15,000/-
Net benefit is 3,24,75,000/- and above.
We can get aromatic core from 10 to 12 years from every plant is 15 to 35kg. and market value of this aromatic core is 6000rs to 8000rs.
The scope of this synthesis is always pleasure to be increasing. We can get cost from every part of sandalwood plant.
Farmer become millionaire from cultivation of sandalwood. With this you can get monthly income of Rs 1,73,958/-

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