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Mr. Baban B. Pawar : CMD
Chairman Profile Turning farmer into entrepreneurs by catering to their every need. “………... I shake up my hands with farmers with all my holy endeavors in name of 24 Carat Organic Pvt Ltd’s “Champion of Agro World” with a vision of Total Development of their Agriculture for this Global Economy.” ....... Mr. Baban B. Pawar - CMD Ever we say that India is Agro based economy and 70% of people rely on it. But, a lot more were not prevailed in previous era of Agro Economy. Agro sector of India has never ever taste professional culture so far, that is why I say that Agro sector of India is just born. Segmentation of land, lack of scientific knowledge and illiteracy at micro level were the major issues of early Agro Economy in India. Initiatives of nation at macro level were not so fruitful and effective at micro level as a result an Indian entrepreneurs – a farmers, witnessed only troublesome revolution rather green revolution. As of this time I visualize a words of Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel “Only culture that I know is Agriculture” that are to be truly and purely followed in coming decades by our Indian farmers. Today economy of the world is changing faster and My Entrepreneurs – An Indian Farmers are coming up in all new roles for the world. I say it is the time now for Indian farmers, who genuinely contribute to make our nation green rather digits to GDP. Symbol of hard work and honest hands of Nation’s True Entrepreneurs – A farmers made me to think for single pack Agro Solutions at their door steps and I shake up my hands with them with all my holy endeavors in name of 24 Carat Organic Pvt Ltd’s “Champion of Agro World” with a vision of Total Development of My Entrepreneurs – A Farmers and Total Development of their Agriculture for this Global Economy. Our Sourcing Chairman Ahealth–Oriented Young generation Grows into a healthy and prosperous future….When the body and mind are provided the right kind of nutrition, mental as well as physical health is optimized and health risks are minimized and creativity is enhanced. Merging the finer points of an organic product based agro economy and a healthy life style for consumers is a game–changer as it is sustainable. As our Chairman, Mr.Baban B.Pawar endeavors…..24 Carat Organic Pvt Ltd’s “Champion of Argo World” with a vision of Total Development of My Entrepreneurs We also follow the same in sight for the farmers and entrepreneurs of this country….adopting sustainable and achievable roles fostering a dynamic and professional culture in agriculture. Our Focus: We have started at the very basic level, ground–up for a sustainable and progressive future including our farmers and entrepreneurs in our endeavor for a healthy future. Organic Products are growing in demand the world over in fields of agriculture, health, RO, Veterinary, Aromatics, Medicine etc. With 24 Caratorganics, we encompass all these as well as the aspirations of our farmers bringing their efforts to the Indian Markets and abroad. We intend to future focus on international markets with our primary goal being Philippines, Bangkok, Malaysia, Mauritius, SouthAfrica, Kenya and other American countries. Under development, poverty andmalnutrition often lead to health problems, resulting in diseases and wide–spread epidemics. Our Organic–based will help alleviate these problems as well as provide a boost for farmers economic progress in India. It’s awin–win situation with mutual benefits… Agro–based economy, in term of quality products and genuine income– boosting for our farmers is our stepping stone to prosperity…. Export– Oriented income and organic products will sustain and nurture our farmers in more ways than one….. Starting with Mauritius, we intend to make forays into the African markets with our rich and healthy organic products.India is like a second home for with our rich and healthy organic products.India is likea second home for Mauritians where Indian organic products will be widely welcomed, since it has along tradition of Indian culture and heritage.They still follow age old and time-tested rich Indian culture and spirituality in spite of rapid development and advances in technology.

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